Step-by-Step Instagram Bio

How to Write Epic Instagram Bios: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mar 17, 2021 | Guides, Social Media

The infamous Instagram Bio. It’s often overlooked but with the recent addition of search engine like functionality (although extremely basic) the Instagram Bio can play a big part in optimisation of your account.

What is the goal of Instagram Bio Optimisation?

The real goal of an Instagram bio is to give people enough information to hit that follow button and come back for more.

Step 1: Optimise your bio name

First up your name is different to your Instagram Handle aka @tristanjudmedia it’s the title you want to give yourself. While most of us would have our name or business name, the space provides us the opportunity to put in a keyword to make it easier for your ideal client to find you.

For example, I might change ours to something like Digital Marketing – TJM or something along those lines.

When thinking of your keyword I would recommend thinking a term that someone would search and hopefully find you under. This is more difficult than it sounds, and it might require you to get out of your head a bit and get in the minds of your customers.

On last important note, you can only change your title ever 14 days so get it right and check your spelling otherwise you’re stuck with it for a while.

Step 2: Mention what you do

Keep it brief. Your bio is space limited, and we have a lot to get through. Try and keep this a simple as possible. You want it to appeal to people, but you also want to tell everyone exactly what you do and the types of content they can expect if they stay on your page. Keep in mind those Keywords.

Don’t stuff your bio with keywords it’s not 2001 anymore. That stuff just doesn’t work.

Step 3: Use Emojis

Emojis are great to break up text and add a bit of personality to your profile, but just remember don’t go overboard. Less is more.

Step 4: Add A Call to Action

Do you want people to sign up to your newsletter, check out a sale, reach out to you for free advice? If you don’t tell people what you want them to do next, they won’t do it.

Step 5: Include link

Just putting your website address is a missed opportunity. Providing a link to a link list where you can provide easy access to content you might be talking about or email signups is a wonderful way to help turn followers into customers.

Stop using Linktree, or any other service. While it was great a few years ago, we’ve been rolling out, our own versions native to our customers websites, so that we can display exactly what we want and direct the flow of traffic. Ultimately making it easier for the consumer to get to where they want to go. Not sure how to do this, hit us up.

Step 6: Branded Hashtags

Include a branded hashtag. This way you’ll be able to promote original content while generating user-created content as well.

For example, Apple uses #ShotOnIphone as a Branded Hashtag.  The posts in that hashtag originate both from Apple and their users. They are not only promoting their product but the community that is around their product/brand when you become an apple user. It’s that sense of community that has people lining up for their new products as it drops.

What’s next

Now with your bio optimised, you just have to get back to posting.