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Social Media Trends for 2022

We are a few months into 2022 so let's look at the social media trends that will dominate the remainder of 2022. These are going to work across the board for all industries and business sizes. 1) UGC (User Generated Content) UGC is huge. Throughout 2021 it emerged as a real winner. As the decline […]

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High quality audio makes you sound smarter.

Since we are going through a massive shift to video content across multiple channels, one area that often gets forgotten is audio quality. This study out of University of South Carolina shows, just how important audio quality is. Recommendation Ensure audio is of high quality in call, online meetings, interviews, podcasts, and videos. At the […]

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What makes people share Facebook Video Ads

Ok we are diving deep on this one. This study comes from analysing brain reactions (fMRI scans) to Facebook video ads out of the best neuroscience universities in Australia and Japan. To make ads shareable you should include a social-related use. Recommendation The creative of your ad should have a social-related aspect to it. For […]

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2x your Ad conversions without touching your ad!

Optimising Ad conversions is something that should be taken very seriously. The success of an ad runs past the creative, copy and targeting. Use this method to test and optimise your ad conversions for huge gains.

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Give gifts the marketing way

It is not a new concept to give a gift when you ask for something i.e. “Signup and get $20 off” or “get a free coffee when you buy 10”. It works to a certain point but is it something we can optimise? Give gifts with no strings attached 😱 Why? To increase word of […]

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How to use emojis to increase engagement

Emojis make content more playful, resulting in more people engaging with it. To measure the impact of emojis, researchers looked at 41,141 tweets from well-known brands and personalities. The results of this investigation were followed up with lab and online tests. To improve social media engagement, use emojis in conjunction with text. Recommendation The use […]

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Use "I" not "We" when speaking to customers.

Have you ever wondered where the "best practices" in customer interactions come from? A 1982 study states that company agents should downplay their "self" and emphasize the "firm". In a recent study of customer service managers in the US, it showed 92% would answer a customer email with "We are happy help answer this question", […]

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The Ikea Effect

You may have already heard this one, in the scheme of things it can almost be considered old. The experiment was conducted back in September 2011; however, the science still holds up. It is such an important concept to understand and plays right into current social media marketing strategies. People overvalue their own creations. In […]

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How to deal with the June Google Core update

On June 2nd Google released a core update, which will be followed by an update in July. Google makes up to 280 algorithmic changes per day, but a Core Update is a major change in how the algorithm works. The update rolled out and there didn’t seem to be much change. About a week later […]

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How to prepare your ecommerce site for a Cookieless internet

Cookies, or more importantly Third-party cookies have been vital to the success of many ecommerce businesses. They are a crucial component of digital advertising and analytics, but it is ending. In 2022 Third-party cookies will be gone. Ad targeting, measurement, and cross-channel attribution will all be made increasingly difficult over the next 12 months. In […]

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