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YouTube SEO Beginners Guide: 10 Best Practices for 2021

Video, the web is all about Video and the OG of all of this is YouTube. It's managed to defend against the constant barrage of attacks from social media giants like Facebook and they've now started to take that fight to Facebook with their "shorts" feature. Moving away from their traditional long form video and […]

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How To Prepare Your Facebook Ads for the iOS 14 Privacy Update

Apple has taken the privacy battle right to the heart of Facebook. This update rolling out sometime this week will influence your Facebook Ads performance. How much of an affect the update will have we'll just have to wait and see. Under the name of protecting user privacy Apple's iOS 14 update will now require […]

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6 Reasons You Should Stop Using LinkTree and the best alternative

One of the biggest issues small businesses face is how to effectively link to their website content from Instagram, whether it be a product, blog post, signup form or anything else for that matter. Instagram isn't the only platform that only allows one link, so this is a major problem. To combat this, services like […]

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How to Write Epic Instagram Bios: A Step-by-Step Guide

The infamous Instagram Bio. It's often overlooked but with the recent addition of search engine like functionality (although extremely basic) the Instagram Bio can play a big part in optimisation of your account. What is the goal of Instagram Bio Optimisation? The real goal of an Instagram bio is to give people enough information to […]

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5 Best Email Autoresponders

Have you heard the quote "You live and Die by your list"? This is true even in today's landscape. While modern technologies like chat bots are becoming more popular an email list is still one of the best methods to stay connected with your community and drive serious revenue through your website. The revenue is […]

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SEO comes to Instagram

The "feed" is back. To keep Instagram relevant, the Instagram boffins have made a major update to the search functionality in the app. Up until recently the search function was used for searching hashtags and locations. Now they have expanded that functionality to include keywords. It's like a mini google. It's still in its basic […]

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WTF is Triller?

The battle of short form video is raging on through 2020. While all the mainstream media attention, especially here in Australia, has been on TikTok and in some form the recent Instagram rival REELs you may not have heard of Triller. An all-American app backed by some big names. Triller is backed by some music […]

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Pinterest the silent power player of social media.

Pinterest is huge, the social platform boats 367 million monthly active users. Since 2016 the growth has been on a steady up trend, last year alone their active user base grew 26% and it’s not all Kmart home décor hacks and epic kids holiday ideas. Pinterest is known as the last positive corner of the […]

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What is the Google E-A-T Concept and how it effects you’re results?

The Google concept of E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness is a huge subject. In this post I’m going to give you an overview of it, in the time it takes me to drink a coffee. Those of you who know me, know that I smash a coffee quick so let’s get straight […]

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The email marketing stats you can’t ignore

Following up from our Instagram post over the weekend I wanted to dive into the stats a little more. Email marketing has been around for a long time, unfortunately it’s picked up a bit of a bad rap due to the amount of spam (the snail mail equivalent of junk mail) that some companies sent […]

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