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    9 June 2021
    On June 2nd Google released a core update, which will be followed by an update in July. Google makes up […]
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    22 December 2020
    The "feed" is back. To keep Instagram relevant, the Instagram boffins have made a major update to the search functionality […]
  • Are you ready for Voice Search?

    10 March 2020
    It’s 2020 and voice search is already here. If this is the first time you are hearing about or even […]
  • The Ultimate Content Hack

    25 February 2020
    You hear it everywhere, everyone talks about it, you all know “Content is King”. The problem is you need to […]
  • Can you stop doing seo?

    25 February 2020
    The short answer is "No". It often comes up that businesses want to take a break from SEO, this is […]