COVID-19 is Digital Marketing the answer?

I’ve just finished reading an article published by Forbes on why companies around the world are turning to digital marketing to survive COVID-19.

The article explains that over the coming months digital strategy will be the deciding factor in most cases, whether businesses make it through the tough times ahead.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a total collapse in how we do business in a traditional form. Events and conferences are being postponed and face-to-face meetings and business are being challenged with social distancing, which are the core foundations of our business culture.

It is because of this major change in how we do business that companies small and large will have to adapt and adapt quickly. Historically smaller businesses are quicker at adapting to changes in business practices and those that do so can usually come out in front.

The changes we’ve seen in business practices over the past few weeks and those that will come in the following weeks will present opportunities. The key to seeing and acting on these opportunities is to not get bogged down in the doom and gloom of the crisis.

There have been some amazing innovations that I have seen small businesses implement over the past two weeks. Cafes and restaurants embracing takeaway lunch/dinner options, florists adding extra services they wouldn’t usually provide. It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter. Last week we helped with the launch of virtual styling services by Style by Juvelle, and we are busy working on a few more amazing solutions without clients at the moment.

There is no better time for a business to create/update their websites, launch e-commerce solutions, create social media campaigns, and get started with SEO and content marketing. For when this is over, and it obviously will be, the businesses that prepared and stayed in front will remain in front into the near future.

The strategies that you put in place during this place will help you limit your exposure and, in some cases, present new opportunities that will not only see you navigate your way through these uncertain times but put you in front of the pack when things go back to normal.