Our Digital Marketing & Branding Services

It’s what we do and how we drive out of this world results for our clients.

What we deliver and how we grow your brand.

We are no longer living in a one-platform world. Our omnichannel approach sees us delivering consistently strong results. We put you in front of your target audience when they are ready to buy, no matter where they are on the internet.



Social Media Advertising

We provide industry-leading results for our customers across Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn thanks to a team of experts who develop advanced targeting, creative, and strategic media purchasing strategies.

Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads / TikTok Ads / Pinterest Ads / Snapchat Ads

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Google Advertising

Generating revenue from search traffic should be at the forefront of any digital marketing strategy. While everyone is concerned with likes and follows you could be missing stable revenue from the low-hanging fruit.

Google Shopping Agency / Paid Search Marketing / SEO / YouTube Advertising

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User Generated Content

Whether it’s an Organic Content Strategy or part of Paid Social Media Advertising, User Generated Content has proven itself time and time again in both B2C and B2B sectors. Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing and UGC (User Generated Content) is just word of mouth at scale.

Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Pinterest / Snapchat/ YouTube

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At the core of everything we do, there is a robust planning and strategising process that we undertake. This is where everything starts with TJM. It’s here where we develop the foundations to transform our clients into 7 & 8 figure brands.

Brand Strategy / Social Media Strategy / Distribution Strategy / Email Marketing Strategy / SEO Strategy / Content Strategy

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Email Marketing

Have you heard the saying “the money is in the list”? Email isn’t dead, it’s very much alive and brands just like yours are utilising it to generate huge sales figures each week. It’s known as the core profit centre for a reason! If you aren’t driving 20% of your revenue through email you’re leaving $$$ on the table.

Email Marketing / SMS Marketing

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Creative Execution

The right creative can talk to millions of people. The wrong creative can talk to millions of people. The difference between the two is one of those creatives will not only talk to millions of people but will also compel them to act. We use the best creatives combined with traditional and internet-centric storytellers to make sure your message is not only seen but the desired outcome is achieved.

Video / Photo / Audio

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Search Engine Optimisation still drives consistent results. SEO today is more than just keywords. Google alone has over 200 ranking metrics that it calculates to determine if your page is worthy to display or not. If you aren’t utilising SEO in your brand you are leaving $$’s on the table.

Google / Bing / Pinterest

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Our plan of attack for your unique situation

Every brand required a unique strategy. This is how we go about devising a winning strategy for you.

01. Diagnosis

You can’t create a winning strategy without effectively diagnosing where existing issues lie. We dig deep into your brand and take a close look at your data to understand exactly what is and what isn’t working and where new opportunities lie. 

02. Strategic Planning

Our approach ensures we have a solid foundation to drive your business into becoming a 7 or 8 figure brand.

0.3 Digital Foundations

Building a house requires solid foundations. The same goes for a digital presence. A solid foundation which includes all of your integrations, tracking and analytics are setup properly and ready for the flood of traffic we are about to send your way.

04. Test Phase

We’ve launched. Now it’s time to use that data to identify the top performers so that we can optimise.

05. Scale Phase

Data doesn’t lie. We’ve tested and optimised now it’s time to scale and drive your brand towards its revenue goals.