Social Media Trends 2022

Social Media Trends for 2022

Mar 3, 2022 | Social Media, Tips

We are a few months into 2022 so let’s look at the social media trends that will dominate the remainder of 2022. These are going to work across the board for all industries and business sizes.

1) UGC (User Generated Content)

UGC is huge. Throughout 2021 it emerged as a real winner. As the decline of the polished feed continues UGC is the horse to bet on.

Right now, businesses struggle with the look of the content. We’ve obsessed over the polished Instagram feed for so long that it’s hard to make the switch.

UGC is more consumer centric. It’s more experience-driven and honest than traditional marketing. Which makes it more authentic and trustworthy then brand pushed marketing efforts.

2) Short Form Video & The Death of Photos

Look, no surprises here. TikTok exploded the short form video offering. Instagram has come out and said it’s no longer a photo sharing and would focus on videos.

Photos aren’t going anywhere but currently if we look at Instagram Reels get 135% more organic reach than Photo posts. If you haven’t started to develop a video strategy for Instagram, then you really need to get that sorted.

Those that want to stick to Photos, currently Twitter is your friend.

4) Changing of the Guard

Just like Myspace & Facebook before it, Instagram is losing its grip on world social media dominance. Instagram won’t go away but the way we use it will change. So far, all their efforts to stop the masses move to TikTok have fallen flat.

Instagram users are spending 28 minutes a day on the platform whereas TikTok users are spending 45 minutes per day.

5) Humanised brand approach

Brand is key to success, which has always been true but no longer are we seeing faceless brands. Key people are now stepping up and becoming the face of the brand. This allows the brand to build an emotional connection with their audience, gain trust and show authenticity.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to modify your strategy. If you’re just winging it, then reach out. Follow on TikTok for digestible marketing tips daily.