Email marketing

Email Marketing is a key factor in every successful company.

Are you just sending out a bulk email to everyone on your list?

Are you blasting your complete list with the same emails?
To get the most out of your list, increase ROI and decrease churn rates, the use of the segmentation and personalisation is necessary.

With the proper integration the ability to build list segments and send emails that provide massive amounts of value is the key to using email successfully.

You live and die by your list!

People don't like getting emails
The global open rates sites at 21.05%. That’s much higher than your Instagram post gets. Every dollar spent on email marketing has an ROI of $42.

With that in mind people signup for your email list because they want to receive your emails. Otherwise, they wouldn’t sign up.

It takes so long

Everyone started at 0. As your list grows so does the scale of your success. The biggest regret of most businesses is that they didn’t start early enough with their list building.

Is it just for ecommerce or B2C?
Not at all. B2B strategies while different still work effectively in driving new business.

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